Enlighten™ Laser pour effacer les tatouages et PICO Genesis™ pour taches pigmentaires- revitalisation de la peau


1801 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O Bureau 880

Montréal - Qc H3H 1J9

L'endroit où aller pour l'épilation laser et le détatouage au laser à Montréal

Témoignages de nos clients

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De:Isabel R. Le: August 18, 2017

Love this place. I went 10 years ago and went back for a touch up. The service was great and price more than fair. The service was with the owner and she went out of her way to give me a top notch service! I defenietely reccomend this place.

De: N. Go. Le: August 18, 2017

.... by email:

I have the "until gone package" for hair removal laser. Since I got great result (even when I took a pause for over a year, the hair did not grow back), two of friends are interested (CC'd in this email) in starting their treatment. ...


De: Joya Thurairatnam Le : July 18, 2017

I heard of this place through word of mouth that they do laser tattoo removal and scheduled myself a consultation where Athena saw me promptly and gave me a fair price. Despite being a person with a deeper complexion, she handled my concerns and approached my situation with confidence and appeased my nerves. I just completed my third session and I probably have a couple left to go before my tattoo disappears. Athena and her team are super professional and very accommodating, I would recommend them highly to anyone looking to having any laser procedures done.

De: Groupon client Le: June 10, 2017

I have done 3 treatments here. Nice and friendly staff. Very profesional

De: Caroline A. Le: 05/20/2017

Nice experience. Friendly & accomodating with the costumers.

I am on my second treatment at starlaser. So far only good comments. Staff super friendly, the owner very nice and smiley. 2 times I have got to change my appointment on the same day with very short notice and have no problem at all, on the other hand, they have always been as accommodating as possible within their availability. I fully recommend their services.

De: Amaethyst Monachopsis Le:05/09/2017

Very clean place, super professional staff. Affordable. The owner is very nice. And Roxy too! :)

De: J.M. Le:05/09/2017

"I really enjoyed my first treatment and it was very professional so I will be going back."

Posted: 5/9/2017 5:43 PM

De: Audreyanne Le: 04/15/2017

Un peu d'attente mais meilleur rapport Qualité/Prix à Montréal. Leur gentillesse égale/surpasse la vôtre. Fortement recommendé

De: Toufik A. Le: 01/13/2017

J'ai beaucoup apprécié mon expérience chez Star Laser, service courtois, ponctuel, rapide et efficace. Je le recommande fortement

De:Haya Namoi Le: 04/20/2017

I am a regular customer of Star Laser and I love this place. I first went there to get laser hair removal done, and got great results and was very happy with the care and extra attention I got. ...More I am a regular customer of Star Laser and I love this place. I first went there to get laser hair removal done, and got great results and was very happy with the care and extra attention I got.
I also later did tattoo removal, and it's fantastic!
The clinic is beautiful and in a great location downtown, the staff is friendly and courteous, and you get results!

De: Rebecca F. Le: 03/20/2017

J'ai fais 6 séances dans plusieurs parties du corps chez STAR LASER. Le résultat est incroyable ! Ma peau est devenue douce. Je recommande extrêmement cette endroit. Le personnel est très gentil et professionnel. La propriétaire Athina est toujours souriante et attentionnée envers ses clients. Les prix sont très intéressants (honnêtement, les meilleurs au marché). Merci Star Laser.

De: Alejandra D. Le: 03/13/2017

Get ready to wait 45-60 minutes when you arrive to you appointment. However, facilities are clean and treatmeant is ok. I'd just wish I didn't have to spend hours here after getting an appointment.

Star Laser: We are definetly not happy when clients need to wait and we apologize for that. We have perfect days and some less perfect days. Try to book early morning or last treatments of the day. However, we have seen your ecxellent results of your treaments and we are happy for you.

De: Ariane T. Le: 22/02/2017

Always a great service with Alina! They get my treatments done quickly and efficiently! I can already tell the difference and i'm so excited to pursue my treatment!

De: George K. Le:23/02/2017

Star Laser has got to be one of the most professional and friendliest places I have done business with. Athena is always present making sure that the clients are happy with their laser treatments. Patrick makes booking appointments and coordination as smooth as possible. The RESULTS of the laser treatments are incredible, and the price is incredibly reasonable compared to their competitors. The staff is always cheerful and careful to minimize pain. Athena has managed to build a rather beautiful clinical environment. No surprise that Star Laser branched out to New York - ethics and professionalism are the formula for any successful brand.

De: Client Groupon Le:28/01/2017

Wow je ne m'attendais à rien mais honnêtement très surprise de la qualité du service (J'ai été très précise sur ce que je voulais et ils l'ont fait sans problème) et de l'équipement.. pour avoir fait du laser avant je peux confirmer que ce n'est pas une 'pogne',

point négatif: il faut s'attendre à attendre et ne pas se fier au 1er coup d'œil de l'endroit.

January 28, 2017

De: Jessica K. Le:12/12/2016

Amazing amazing experience. This is the first place I've been to where the staff are not only professional and knowledgeable but also extremely nice and sweet. Not pushy at all. Prices are beyond reasonable. Highly recommend!!! Rita did an amazing job.

De: client Groupon Le: 11/23/2016

Thank you for great treatment and customer service and good coffee!

De: Client Groupon Le: 11/22/2016

I've been to Star Laser twice now, and the one thing that i appreciate the most over there, is their customer service. The specialist and the person in front desk are very helpful and agreeable. Overall, they make you feel comfortable!! This is the most important criteria of Star laser

De: Client Groupon Le: 11/18/2016

les techniciennes sont super gentilles.

De: Tiziri AitAli Le: 11/04/2016

Je suis très satisfaite de mes séances chez Star Laser. Le personnel est très accueillant et agréable. Cela fait maintenant plus d'un an que je viens. J'ai renouveler mon traitement récement et on m'a proposé un forfait personnalisé qui répondait tout à fait à ce que je souhaitais. Ils sont vraiment à l'écoute de la clientèle.
Merci à toute l'équipe.

De: Groupon client Le: 16/10/2016

I was very happy with the place. The employees are very nice, I was happy to know that there is no expiry date to my offer and that I get to use all of my 9 sessions.

De: client de groupon Le: 04/10/2016

Very professional staff that make you feel comfortable and the place is very clean

De: client de groupon Le: 06/09/2016

L'équipe de star laser est très professionnelle et efficace. Je recommande fortement cette clinique. Les résultats de l'épilation laser sont concluants! Merci!

De: client de groupon Le: 06/09/2016

horaire respecté et propreté

De: D.O. Le: 19/08/2016

Super ! Merci milles fois d'avoir pris le temps de discuter avec moi aujourd'hui Athina. Je suis ravie d'être cliente chez StarLaser tu es la meilleure !!!

De: Groupon feedback Le: 20/07/16

Very welcoming staff that put me at ease! I would reccomend it to everyone I know.

De: Groupon feedback Le: 20/07/16

Très bon service, clair et précis, très agréable, merci.

De: Groupon feedback Le: 20/07/16

Excellent accueil. Rendez-vous faciles à obtenir. Idéalement placé à la sortie du métro.

De: Sophia Kader Le: 1/07/2016

I was referred to Star Laser nearly 2 years ago by a friend who had started her treatments there. Soon after starting I referred 3 other friends who have all gone as well to Star Laser. Now 2 years later, we all see incredible results. I had very thick hair that was very troublesome even with the epilator/waxing since they broke many of the hairs, and left my legs with lots of ingrown hairs.

For me, the results I got on my legs after Star Laser treatments are incredible. I am extremely happy and honestly feel like this is the best investment I have ever made. Last week I took my mum to Star Laser and she is also starting her treatments there.

Of course one cannot leave a review of Star Laser without mentioning Athina, the owner. She is genuine, hard-working and has done a great job with Star Laser. She deserves to get an excellent review which she has earned through all her dedication and hard work. She is very professional and also a very nice person. For me it is important when getting a service like this to have someone who is nice and generous in charge of offering this service, and not someone who is just counting the number of times/minutes/etc to make an extra buck. Athina is very generous with her packages, as she offers packages that will provide treatments until the hair is gone. Since I have thick hair it took many sessions to get mine tackled, and every time I went , even way after my money was paid in full and I completed the regular set of 12 treatments, I was still welcomed every time with a smile and the same amount of effort and attention as when I had come in the first time.

I definitely recommend Star Laser to anyone who wants to see effective results of hair removal without being ripped off for each extra session they may need to do.

Thanks Athina and Star Laser!

De: Client de Star Laser Le: 1/07/2016

Perfect, good work and good relationship! I've tried several in mtl, this one is the best from far

De: La T.. Le: 1/07/2016

*I have to say Athina is by far the most honest laser technician i have ever met to date and believe me i have been to many clinics before. She is very friendly, and is very keen on providing excellent service. Star Laser's schedule is so convenient, i never have issues booking appointments.
It is so cool to have finally found a laser treatment center that offers so many promotions and coupons!!!*

De:Star Laser client Le: 1/07/2016

I was introduced to Star laser two years ago by a friend. I chose the until-gone package that they offer. It was one of the best decision I have ever made. I am very happy with the result. No more waxing No more shaving! They provide excellent service. They offer you cookies and coffee even if you have to wait for couple of minutes. Athena is very patient and professional. She makes sure that you feel comfortable and that you are happy with the service. Thank you Athena!

De: Client Star Laser Le:1/07/2016

Bonjour. Je suis client chez vous suite à un achat groupon. Étant satisfait de votre service j'ai recommandé ....... . Un ami a moi est intéressé par une épilation ......

De: Antony P.  Le: 1/07/2016

Amazing results !!! - Highly recommended !!!

I had some bad experience in the past in some other Laser Clinic and therefore I was a bit unconfident at the beginning. But I quickly realized how Professional Star Laser is and the results are exactly how they told me they would be. I would recommend it to anybody !!!

De: Star Laser client Le: 1/07/2016

"Really happy with Star Laser so far! I love their self scheduling capability - simple, I can do it at any time of the day and avoid the back and forth on the phone. Also, they send reminders before the appointment - which is awesome! This one of the reasons why I chose them over another salon. Of course, service matters as well but I've only had positive experiences with them."  

Star Laser Montreal… Cadeau!


Si jadis, Athéna était la déesse de la guerre et la protectrice d’Athènes, Athina des temps moderne serait la déesse des corps lisses et doux sans poils et la protectrice de bien des personnes.

Qui est cette Athina ?

C’est la propriétaire de Star Laser, Montréal, un centre de laser à Guy Concordia. Avec plusieurs années d’expérience dans le domaine, elle s’est lancée à son compte pour combattre les poils indésirables de bien des femmes… et d’hommes !! (le site est mis à la fin de ce post)

… Out alors « Epiderma » et toutes ces compagnies où vous n’êtes qu’un numéro et un corps poilu…

Bienvenue à Star Laser, où vous avez l’impression d’être l’unique client tellement le service est personnalisé, convivial et professionnel !

… Out les autres centres où vous pouvez sortir brulé, plus poilu qu’avant (oui oui ca arrive !) ou sans résultats…

Ici, elle étudie votre peau à la loupe, avant de se lancer (avec le laser ou l’électrolyse) et les promesses sont tenues haut la main ! Et croyez moi, nombreuses sont les clientes d’autres centres qui sont venues chez elle en courant, pour en ressortir comme des bébés !

Comme bon nombre de mon entourage Libanais, je suis cliente chez elle (on va limite se faire des soirées entre filles chez elle).

Je me suis lancée dans cette aventure, car comme plusieurs d’entre vous, je n’avais pas envie de perdre du temps à m’épiler, à penser 2 fois avant de porter une robe ou un maillot etc… Avec les traitements laser, vous êtes nickel à vie! (et vu qu’on vit de plus en plus longtemps et mieux… c’est un super investissement !)

Et pourquoi avec Athina?

Car entre ses mains, avec son expertise, sa délicatesse, sa discrétion, et sa minutie pour combattre tous les poils, on oublie qu’on lui donne, littéralement, notre corps mis à nu et on se sent vraiment bien et heureux de la progression !

Mes ami(e)s, que vous soyez une femme ou un homme, si vous avez envie de vous y lancer, ne retenez qu’une adresse : celle de Star Laser.


De: Asma A. Le: 26/06/2016

Experience extraordinaire, toujours bien accueilli et rapidement servi, mon rdv est toujous a la premiere heure de l ouverture du centre a 9h: il faut juste planifier les RDV a l avance. Merci Star Laser

De: Navin Jawanda Le: 26/06/2016

Really nice staff and has better prices than most other laser hair removal places

De: Roberto Starnino Le: 26/06/2016

I don't get how some people write bad reviews about this place. I couldn't be happier.
Its very busy but its normal when you are the best place in the city.
Even at that it is not so bad. Most times we only wait 15min or so.
Athina/the owner is amazing, and the staff is very friendly.
its affortable and very clean
Give it a try, they are very good, i highly recommend this place

De: Olga B. Le: 22/06/2016

In spite of bad reviews i received good service.  I could not complain even if i wanted to.  I would recommend Star Laser

De :groupon feedback - Le :04/05/2016

Très bon service, clair et précis, très agréable, merci.
May 04, 2016

De : L.D. - Le : 07/04/2016

Star Laser is by far the best laser hair removal place I have ever been to. Customer service is definitely the best, it's clean and the personnel is very meticulous with their clients. And more than anything, the hair removal works like magic -and is at an unbeatable price. And half the time needed than the usual places i've been to.

De : anastasia z - Le : 29/03/2016

I have gone for my first session of hair removal and it was fast and almost painless--I can't believe it. The staff are excellent, they really know how to make you feel comfortable and Athina is simply a pleasure. I recommend them.....4 stars

De : J.A. - Le : 25/03/2016

Merci Athina pour la rapidité et le professionalisme que vous avez toujours montré à vos clients

De : M.M. - Le : 22/03/2016

The owner, athina is really great with her work and she truly excels in her profession. i had a slight miscommunication and she resolved it right away and for that she has me as a loyal customer. This place has a lot of clients and its only because the service is that good however you can rest assured that you will receive value for your investment.

De : Maya H. - Le : 21/03/2016

Star laser is the place in town. Lovely atmosphere clean place competent technicians and Atina is just the best

De : Yasmine A. - Le : 04/03/2016

Have tried a few laser/IPL places around Montreal and Laval but now don't go anywhere but Star Laser... I bought several Groupons for this place and am 100% satisfied with the staff and office. Super clean and professional! I recommend to anyone I know

De : Linda B. - Le : 03/03/2016

C'est vrai Atina c'est la meilleur tres satisfaite moi aussi

De : M.C. - Le : 02/03/2016


Vous êtes la meilleure, je vous aime.

De : Moh. - Le : 25/02/2016

5star --Star laser is the definition of amazing it has the most exquisite service, athina is very professional and knows very well what she is doing the place is affordable for students and non students it has also so many promotions and coupons I recommend everyone to give it a try the results are superb.!!

De : groupon feedback - Le : 23/01/2016

parfait continuez ainsi
January 23, 2016